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What's Tickle?

Tickle enables real meaningful friendships in the physical world. Using Tickle, you can expand your circle of real friends whether you are traveling, relocating or just looking for local friends. On Tickle, you can discover and meet friends at your usual hangout places.

Who is Tickle for?

Tickle is an app for ages 17 and above. Ticklers, as we call them, have their favorite local hangout places or love to travel; and wouldn't mind connecting with new people and expand their social network in the real world.

What does the Tickle app offer?

Tickle unlimited text call
FREE unlimited text messaging

Tickle friend
See who is nearby, who is new, who is your friend, and who has the same interests as you.

Tickle viceo call
Video and voice calls without sharing your contact information. 

Tickle send tickle
Send a tickle to people who are present at the same place as you are.


Meet New People

Tickle make new friends
Make new friends

Meet people by common tastes and preferences. Send a harmless "Hi" and see if you get a reply!

Tickle find a date
Find a date

Romance and Dating is super easy and fun with Tickle. Send a tickle to that intriguing person at the same bar as you.

Tickle make travel connections
Make travel connections

Meet new people at your favorite tourist destination.
Plan trips and travel with local friends.

Tickle expand your professional network
Expand your professional network

Find people by their profession and location.
Tickle them with your thoughts on latest trends and events happening in your industry.

smile more
Smile more

Tickle makes trying social in the real world possible!
Tickle your way to a real meaningful relationship today.

Make New Friends

Find people who are into same things as you such as:

rips and Travel
Trips and Travel

Plan your next travel with fellow travel enthusiast on the app. Who knows, you may even find a travel buddy while flying solo!


Come out of hibernation and enjoy the great outdoors. While you are enjoying the sunshine, connect with a fellow outdoor tickler.

Fitness and Sports
Fitness and Sports

Reach your fitness goals quickly & easily with a fitness tickler. Try a new sport or help another tickler enjoy the sport you love.

Arts and Music
Arts and Music

Go to concerts, exhibits, museums or that local karaoke bar with a fellow tickler artist or music enthusiast.

Socializing and Entertainment
Socializing and Entertainment

Say goodbye to solo movie marathons, apparel shopping, food trips or nightlife.

pets and Animals
Pets and Animals

Showcase your pets with local pet lovers and start building relationships. Walk your dog to the park or take your cat to the grooming salon with another Tickler.

Romance and Dating
Romance and Dating

Connect with ticklers looking for love and romance near you. Engage them in ways that tickles their fancy about you.

Friendships & BFFs
Friendships & BFFs

Talk and chat. Tickle and be tickled to gain lasting friendships today.

Social Causes
Social Causes

Create a community of friends that will join you in your battles to reform or heal the society. Connect and tickle people who share your cause.

Spirituality and Wellness
Spirituality and Wellness

Find people who practice yoga, meditation, and other self awareness techniques. Establish real connections that tickle your soul.


Where can one use Tickle?

 Public transportation hubs like Airports and Train Stations

 Hotels or Casinos

 Recreational areas like Parks and Beaches

 Local Gyms, Bars, Coffee Shops, Movie Theaters and Shopping Malls

 College and University Campuses

 Amusement Parks, Museums, Sports Arenas and Concert Halls

Become a Tickler

Available on iOS & Android