Our Mission

Tickle is here to connect people of the same interests via their favorite local hangouts. Our app encourages human connections that starts online and extends offline. We want to make the process of two people connecting more fun and less intimidating than what it is today.

Our Vision

By 2020, Tickle will be the go-to App of 1 million Ticklers looking for real and meaningful relationships. We aim to be the app of choice for people looking to expand their friend circle in the physical world.

The Tickle Story

After years of traveling and meeting different kinds of people, we discovered that many people struggle to meet likeminded individuals.

People go to various hubs and locations in hope of meeting someone who shares their interests and tastes. They do see someone with a similar personality, but they are left with these questions:

How should I start a conversation?
How do I approach the person?
What if I appear too needy?

As a result, many just freeze and connection doesn't happen.

At the same time, people are getting more and more comfortable sending a friendly message or smile to someone online. However, not many such "friendships" translate to a real, offline connection.

This is why we created the Tickle App.

Now, anyone can meet people at their favorite hangout places by seeing who else is there in real time, and initiate contact thru the app.

We are trying to break the barrier for people to build real and meaningful relationships. Tickle is your ticket to connections on the go.

Become a Tickler

Available on iOS & Android